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Y&S Laundromat has been our dry cleaning and laundry service for years. How convenient to have them come and pick up and drop off right at our home. If we're at work, no problem, they will pick up my order on my deck. The same goes for dropping it off. Any repairs or alterations I've had done, have come back to perfection at such a reasonable price. I will continue my business with them for years to come.

  • Self Coin Operator.
  • Wash, Dry & Fold Service.
  • Dry Cleaning Service.
  • Tailoring Service.
  • Pick up & Drop of Service.

After searching for a good laundromat in Norwalk i came across Y&S Laundromat. This place is great, it's clean, the washers and dryers actually work, the staff is friendly and helpful.
I will be back for sure.

Expire December 31, 2019

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